The Man, The Myth, The Legend

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Magnus Walker


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Who is Magnus Walker?

The man that looks like a ZZ top member with a Porsche fetish that rivals Jerry Seinfeld’s. Magnus was born in Sheffield and soon came to the US after dropping out of high school. In LA he fell into the fashion industry and struck gold, making jeans. Bruce Willis, Madonna, and Alice Cooper were all wearing his brand, quickly making him millions.

Magnus’ LA garage is the home to $7.5 million worth of vintage 911’s that have been customized by him, for him. 25 are in perfect condition with plenty more ready to be chopped up to fill his need for parts. He has now long surpassed his goal of owning every 911 from 1964-1973.

Magnus has gained notoriety for his collection, being on Joe Rogan, Jay Lenos Garage, Need For Speed, and a few Documentaries. Truly one of the coolest collectors in the game.

The Man The Myth The Legend Magnus Walker 1

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

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