The Living Legend Of Le Mans

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The original Porsche 917

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Steve McQueen’s Car

It has been 50 years since the original Porsche 917 won Le Mans in 1970 and 1971. Steve McQueen’s actual car has bounced around in Porsche collectors hand for a while, even owned by Jerry Seinfeld (not surprising). The car from the movie ended up being sold at pebble beach for $14 million. With all of this great history behind the 917 Porsche wanted to celebrate it in a spectacular fashion.

Porsche has pulled the wheels off of the 918 and stuck them onto one of the greatest concept cars I have ever seen. They also painted this new car with that same “Salzburg livery that we loved from the past.

This car literally could look any better, It deserves museum status. That is probably why they put it in their museum. If you are hanging out in Germany this summer you should take a look.

Hopefully this will encourage Ferrari to do the same and pay homage to the 330 P4.

The Living Legend Of Le Mans 0
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