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The new S Class interior just got previewed and it is looking spiffy


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The New S Class Interior

The new S Class interior just got previewed and it is looking spiffy. Less buttons, more screens. The S Class has always been the standard for new tech and safety features. Even for Mercedes, this is a big styling overhaul. All the dashboard housing has changed to debut Merc’s new 12.8” touchscreen that will serve as the control panel for your spaceship.

In regards to the exterior, the new front end looks great, but nothing too dramatic in comparison to the previous year's S Class. Although the car is beautiful and will cater to your every little comfort, the real innovation from Mercedes comes in the safety department. A new airbag has been added to protect the driver and the passenger from bumping heads, but what’s even cooler is the new impulse technology that will sense an imminent impact and almost instantly raise the car off the ground to a height that will have the chassis take the brunt of the impact.

You can never expect an S class to come cheap, but I’m guessing this one will start in the range of the low 100,000’s, 200k+ for your AMGs and around 300k for your top of the end Maybach (which is what I’m really excited to see).

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The Best Just Got Better

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