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Lamborghini has done what they do best once again


Emily MacKinnon

, Executive Assistant in
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Image by HeyAuto

The Water Lambo

Everyone has had to sacrifice driving their Lamborghini to the lake because they had to tow the boat at least once or twice. Well, Lamborghini has done what they do best once again, commit their design team to build something that would convenience everyman. With a 4000HP double V12, it's most likely not great to water ski behind, but who cares about that when you have the ability to do over 100kph on the water. It might be a little tacky, but you can’t deny it’s pretty cool. Grab one of the 63 that are being made and you will definitely have the attention of the entire lake. The water Lambo does, unfortunately, cost as much as 10 road Lambos at around 5 million dollars.

Lamboat 1


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