German Perfection Of The Mini Track Star

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Audi and BMW have been ride or die teams for their owners over the last decade.

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Audi vs BMW

Audi and BMW have been ride or die teams for their owners over the last decade. So what is going to make an owner switch their loyalty between M2s and RS3s? The Aesthetic of both is pretty impressive, price is similar (60k for the Beemer, 65k for the Audi), acceleration is the same (4s to 60).

The BMW has the aggressive styling and looks like it belongs on a track, which in this class of car means a lot. The Audi seems a little too “bank branch manager” for us, which is disappointing considering what we know Audi can do in regards to the RS6 Avant and R8. I wish we had a little bit more of that essence in the RS3. Overall, take the BMW and hunt for the CS version of the M2 in that blueberry/brushed nickel rim combo.

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