Charles Leclerc’s Solo Monaco GP

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C’était un rendez-vous

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Ferrari’s newest designs

Paying homage to “C’était un rendez-vous”,Ferrari shut down the streets of Monaco and brought in two brand new Sf90 Stradales for Leclerc to push to their limits. Ferrari’s youngest driver hit 240kph sliding around some insanely tight corners.

The new SF90 is just one of Ferrari’s newest designs in a lineup that keeps fending off Lamborghini at every turn. The SF90’s 1000 horse power hybrid V8 will take you to 60mph in 2.5s (faster than an Aventador SVJ). The SF90 is icing on the cake with the already beautiful F8 Tributo and 812 Superfast already on the showroom floor. As much as we love all of these prancing horses, there is still the most elusive of them all, which, of course, Gordon Ramsey has got his hands on: the Monza SP1 & SP2(the fastest non-hybrid Ferrari ever). We tried to write our local Ferrari dealer a check for a Monza but there wasn’t enough room for the zeros.

Charles Leclerc's Solo Monaco GP
Ferrari’s newest designs

Charles Leclerc’s Solo Monaco GP

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