Carvana Acquires Adesa Auction Company Expanding Car-Buying Platform

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Carvana announced the acquisition of Adesa USA, the leading provider of wholesale vehicle auctions in the United States for $2.2 billion. The deal will allow Carvana to expand its footprint from 27 locations today to 56, with operations that include more than 220 employee-owned and operated auction sites across the U.S by early next year.


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Big news has been released in the automotive industry last week with the announcement of the acquisition of the second-largest auction company in the US, Auto Dealers Exchange Services of America commonly known as ADESA. TheCanadian division, located in Mississauga, ON will remain in operation. ADESA is run by Kar Global, a global digital platform offering end-to-end solutions for the automotive wholesale industry providing remarketing solutions. According to a press release from Carvana, the CEO, Ernie Garcia plans on spending a hefty one billion US dollars to transition those locations. ADESA U.S. President John Hammer and some key staff will passage over to Carvana once the deal has been finalized.

Several years after the US government's auto industry bailout, founded in Phoenix, Carvana (NYSE: CVNA) said “its mission is to change the way people buy and sell cars”. They are the company that innovated the consumer car buying experience virtually and operates fifteen inspection and reconditioning centers allowing for the preparation of vehicles before selling. enables customers to seamlessly peruse more than 55,000 vehicles including financing, trading, or selling their current vehicle, signing contracts, and scheduling delivery or pickup at one of its 24 exclusives, mechanized Car Vending Machines. When selling used cars, representatives are dispatched directly to customers for preparing their vehicles for online purchasing. A Fortune 500 company, as quickly as next-day delivery is provided to customers in over 300 U.S. markets. Since last week’s announcement, CVNA stock is up over an impressive 17.5%.

The acquisition could have a greater impact on the future of car buying in continuing the trend of online vehicle purchasing contributing to their becoming the largest and most profitable automotive retailer. Garcia stated, “Over time, we will leverage our combined infrastructure and complementary expertise to deliver even better selection, better value, and faster delivery times to our retail customers while simultaneously raising the bar and providing more access and better experiences to our wholesale customers.” He added, “ADESA and Carvana are committed to ensuring a smooth, seamless transition for the ADESA US physical auction customers,” said John Hammer, President of ADESA. “We look forward to bringing our innovative teams together and combining the power of our physical auction and retail capabilities to better serve buyers, sellers, and consumers across the automotive industry.” The press release further stated, CVNA has “received committed financing of up to $3.275B from JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. and Citi and intends to fund the purchase price and an additional $1 billion in improvements across the 56 sites through a committed debt financing. The proposed transaction will provide significant infrastructure and team to expand and enhance Carvana’s customer offering with a broader selection of vehicles and even faster delivery times".

Its losses were greater year-over-year: $182 million in the fourth quarter from $154 million last year. However, its total losses for the year due to the pandemic hadn’t seemed to impede revenue growth giving the online automotive retailer an advantage over their brick and mortar competitors reporting a net loss improvement difference of $175 million between 2020 and 2021. Even the continued chip shortage hasn’t adversely affected the innovative corporation with increased revenue gains year over year since inception. They will continue managing ADESA’s physical auctions while concurrently evolving the facilities to encompass its standard retail inspection including used car inventory, reconditioning, and logistics capabilities, according to its shareholder communication.

In addition, the corporation said the reconditioning operations could aid in increasing its production capabilities to a million units annually. Profit typically accompanies loss where the online car retailer will undoubtedly see shrinkage due to the increased operational expenses. However, with the 56 site increase plus its existing infrastructure, 78% of the US consumer locale will fall within 161 kilometres of inspection and reconditioning centers making the conglomeration a win-win for all involved long term.

The company unquestionably will solidify its mark in the US automotive industry.

Carvana Acquires Adesa Auction Company Expanding Car-Buying Platform

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