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The Airstream will never go out of style

by Emily MacKinnon, Executive Assistant in
Brain Fuel
Image by HeyAuto

The 911 of campers

The Airstream is the Porsche 911 of campers, it will never go out of style, and we’ve just been introduced to the GT3RS.

Airstream just released the Basecamp in all its sporty and futuristic glory. Something the Jetsons would take on vacation. The new Basecamp comes with larger wheels and a slick, black-tinted, panoramic front window.

The interior has gone through a modern upgrade, officially making it the coolest way to go camping. The bed & kitchen combo is included in the 20-foot models, with a bunch of different ways to configure it. Airstreams have never been cheap, you can expect to pay around $50,000 for the Basecamp.

Air Stream
Basecamp Interior


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